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Chris Horn

Product Strategy & Development

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A leader in product management with 15 years of experience in software systems and new product development. Dynamic problem solver with a keen strategic eye and entrepreneurial spirit. Broad experience successfully applying technology to meet the needs of government, non-profit, military, and commercial organizations. Seeking a small-ish, diverse, high-performing team with whom to have some fun and kick ass.


Carnegie Mellon University
30 units toward Master of Human-Computer Interaction

Brown University
Bachelor of Arts in Economics


Applied Visions
Secure Decisions division
Sep 2016 – Present

Oversee and perform cybersecurity research & development

  • Manage a five company, six team effort to build a unified threat management system under contract to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security
  • Plan, conduct, and publish primary research of application security program management
  • Manage and perform research under a DARPA contract to discover human elements that contribute to software security
  • Technical project management, data analysis, product management, machine learning, visualization
Sr. Product Manager, Product Manager
Nov 2013 – Sep 2016

Lead product development team & drive process improvements in a rapidly growing company

  • Reimagined functionality behind one of core product’s key value propositions
  • Develop & champion product development process to help product management, marketing, engineering, and QA staff successfully apply agile, evidence-based learning practices
  • Lead go to market efforts: market positioning, sales & support training, drive adoption through presentations, video production, and direct support
  • Collaboratively developed business case evaluation framework to improve portfolio management
  • Supported development team's successful introduction of new continuous integration deployment technology and adoption of the AWS cloud platform
  • Thought leadership, team leadership, requirements, market analysis, clear communication, mentoring
Designer & Researcher
Applied Visions
Secure Decisions division
May 2010 – Oct 2013

Lead interaction designer and principal design resource within company of 40

  • Future product research, ideation, and design – including hardware & software
  • Designing architecture and user interface for next-generation Naval cyber defense system
  • Active in business development: concepts, writing, graphics, and work breakdown
  • Developed company-wide design and user testing guidance; training staff on its application
  • Use cases, requirements discovery, wireframe and workflow design, web-based prototyping


Interaction Designer
MAYA Design
May 2007 – Apr 2010

Design products and services, with a focus on complex, information-rich systems

  • Sole interaction designer for web-based logistics tool that enabled client to earn the only Army 2008 Secretary of Defense Performance Based Logistics Award
  • Kiosk design saved client $300k and won 'Best in Show' at KioskCom Expo
  • Successfully managed $30k to $550k+ projects
  • Active in business development and proposal writing; helped win $600k+
  • Taught human-centered design training course to engineering staff of client firms
  • Practices include study design, contextual inquiry, think-aloud testing, wireframing
Jan 2006 – Nov 2008

Worked all aspects of service creation while bootstrapping the company

  • Wrote patent, designed logo, wrote & recorded phone tree, wrote backend code
  • Built internal collaborative infrastructure to allow the team to work
  • Co-designed internal policies and helped grow service to 16,000+ subscribers
Independent Research
Dynamic Decision Making Laboratory, CMU
Oct 2006 – Jun 2007
  • Performed review of dynamic decision making/time perception literature
  • Designed and coded subject task (Java stocks & flows game) and conducted experimental sessions
Research Assistant, Research Programmer
RAND Corporation
Jun 2001 – Aug 2005
  • Developed agent-based simulation models of military C4ISR systems
  • Identified need and built a grid computing system that spanned the CA and VA offices; grid decreased the time to develop simulation models by ≥50%
  • Wrote report sections describing model, modeling approach, and findings
  • Gave presentation on grids and RAND’s Condor grid to ~50 programmers
  • Statistically analyzed a large volume of survey data in Stata and Excel


Human-centered design
Product management
Systems engineering
Experimental design
Collaborative leadership
New product development
Managing development teams
Physical & digital prototyping
Research (incl. modeling)
Creative & strategic thinking


Microsoft Office
Adobe CC
Paper & Pencil
Many others
Mac OS 9 & 10
Windows NT/2000/XP/7

Professional Memberships

Special Interest Group on Computer–Human Interaction (SIGCHI)
Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
Interaction Design Association (IxDA)


"Effective video presentation" award for IEEE VAST 2012 Mini-Challenge #1 submission "Visual analytics for situation awareness of a large-scale network". Presented at 2012 IEEE Conference on Visual Analytics Science and Technology (VAST).
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